Hollywood stars turned into another sex

Hollywood stars who turned into another sex in the context of drama, they convinced us?

Angelina Jolie as CIA officer "Eveline Salt"

Eddie Ridmain was telling the story of the artist Inar Vigner, who appeared to his wife as a woman. Eventually, Inar realized that he no longer wanted to be a man and decided to undergo the first sex change in the world, the world's first film about transgender people.

Kylian Murphy

"Pluto" is the most famous work in the history of the world actor Kylian Murphy, in which he embodied the role of an abnormal teenager turned into a blonde girl.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler played the role of an employee in the advertising agency "Jack", as well as the role of his crazy sister "Gill", and won the Golden Berry Awards - for the male role and the role of the Miss for this film.

Hilary Swank

The man who does not cry is a dramatic film about real events, and his body is Hilary Swank, a woman who has felt like a man since her childhood. For the role of the role, Hillary cut her hair and lived in a man for a month. Swank received the Oscar for this role.

Robin Williams

The body of Robin Williams, the portrait of the old lady "Dubtvir" hired by his ex-wife to see his children every day.

john Travolta

John Travolta played the role of Edna Tornblad, who was washing clothes, did not leave her home for 10 years, shy of weight gain, and was not expected to see Travolta, in such a role he often embodies the role of the brutal characters.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Pines played the role of Viola and her twin brother Sebastien. Amanda appeared in a role where she wanted to teach her ex-boyfriend a lesson in which he found that football was not just a men's game.

Patrick Swayze

In this film, Patrick Suez played the role of Miss Vida Pohim.

Dustin Hoffman

The talented actor Dustin Hoffman decided to play embodies the role of women, transforming himself into a woman with his make-up and clothes help, another film where Dustin Hoffman was nominated for Best Actor Oscar.

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