The most beautiful pictures of the young Turkish actress Abeche Boussat
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Pictures of the love of the Turkish star Tolga Saritash "Yavuz", the young actress Abeche Boussat

Turkish newspapers have revealed the beloved Turkish star Tulga Saritash, who recently won the Golden Butterfly Award for his portrayal of the role of Yavuz in the series Söz.

The Turkish press has recently revealed that Tolga Saritash has fallen in love with the young actress Abeche Boussat, his co-starring in the series "The Covenant," which is close to each other during the scenes of photography. Their love on the screen turns into a true love story.

Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" reported that the new duo had been spotted at a romantic evening at the Istanbul nightclub "Maslak". Tolga and Abekieh did not deny their love, but treated them as lovers.

While the Turkish newspaper "Posta" quoted Tolga Saritash as saying that he had an affair with his partner in the series "The Covenant", but it seems that love has penetrated into their hearts recently.

Aybüke Pusat is 22 years old and has been named Miss Turkey of the Earth 2014, which is held to qualify participants around the world for the Miss Earth contest, which simulates the Miss Universe contest, but to raise environmental awareness.

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