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Carthage 54th session: the spectacle “From Carthage to Seville” by Mohamed Lassoued

The press conferences for the International Festival of Carthage started on Tuesday July 10. 2018 with the press conference of the opening show of the 54th session of the Festival scheduled on Friday July 13. 2018, “From Carthage to Seville” directed by Mohamed Lassoued with the participation of singers Zied Gharsa and Dorsaf Hamdani from Tunisia, Abbes Righi from Algeria, Abir Abed from Morocco and Maria Marina from Spain.

The artistic manager of the spectacle, Saifallah Ben Abderrazek, said at the beginning of the press conference that “From Carthage to Seville” is a Maghreb show with a Mediterranean perspective and that it will present the various types of Malouf with exclusive performances that the audience will discover for the first time. He added that the show will start with a musical intro gathering all the Malouf types then a variety of songs will be performed by the artists.

For his part, Maestro Mohamed Lassoued said: “I want to thank the direction of the International Festival of Carthage for giving us the honor of opening the 54th session of the Festival which represents a kind of recognition for the great work presented by the National Troop for Music in the show of “Ers Ettbouaa” which represents a proof that the Tunisian music and mainly Malouf both have their distinguished audience and with the show of “From Carthage to Seville” we will create a new opportunity to better present our Tunisian music and to highlight at the same time the “Maghreb musical common heritage”.

The Moroccan singer Abir Abed said that the show represents a Magherb and Mediterranean musical meeting. She added:” During the show every singer will present samples of the heritage of Malouf of his country. We hope that the show will fit the audience’s expectations.”

Singer Dorsaf Hamdani said that she will be always glad to be part of any Tunisian artistic project, she said also:” I carry many beautiful memories with the Roman Amphitheater of Carthage and I think that my participation this year will be exceptional especially with complementary relation between me and Mohamed Lassoued who gave me the opportunity to be part of the spectacle to present the summary of all what I’ve learned from the great artists of Malouf in Tunisia”.

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