America ... Finding a ghost cart is a dry lake

America - Oregon: - The missing vehicle appeared 70 years ago and was made 200 years ago, and an American photographer, Jeffrey Green, was able to photograph it.

The ancient vehicle dates back to the nineteenth century, and appeared almost intact, after a receding lake in the US state of Oregon.

And the photographer posted the cart photo on his Facebook account.

He said: Filming it was a great experience, and the American "Fox News" called it "Ghost Wagon".

Water receded from the area where the vehicle was located, after authorities withdrew part of Lake Detroit water for the maintenance of the adjacent dam.

Green said: The nature of the water in the lake preserved the structure of the vehicle, as cold, low-oxygen water did not destroy the woods.

But getting close to the cart and filming it was not an easy task.

Green had to get very close to the cart, and when this was done, he started drowning in the lake mud before the situation deteriorated.

Later, this vehicle is slightly covered in water, which is part of US transportation history.

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