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The biggest album of art stars, at the opening of the Cairo Film Festival Stars of Egypt, in the forty-first session of the Cairo Film Festival

The biggest album of art stars, at the opening of the Cairo Film Festival

The opening ceremony of the 41st Cairo Film Festival, at the Egyptian Opera House, featured spectacular views of Egyptian art stars.

In this album "News Vision" collected footage of:

Layla Alawi, a long sleeved gold dress designed by Hani Al Behairy.

Yousra, a white dress with a black and nude color from the right shoulder and a quiet hairstyle.

Menna Shalaby and Nadia Al-Jundi starred in a white nude dress from the left shoulder designed by Hani El Beheiry.

Sherine Reda, Hana Shiha, Ilham Shaheen, Tunisian Dora Zarrouk, Bushra.


The forty-first session of the Cairo Film Festival, organized under the title «Youssef Sharif Rizkallah Course», in the presence of prominent film stars in Egypt and the world.

The festival will be held from November 20 to November 29, 2019, with the participation of the pioneers of cinema in Egypt and the world.The festival will show more than 150 films from 63 countries.

The organizing committee of the Cairo Film Festival announced the jury of the competitions, which include the jury of the international competition, the Arab Cinema Horizons competition, the International Critics Week competition, the Al Ghad International short film competition and the best Arab film competition.

The official website of the festival:

The jury of the International Competition, chaired by American director and screenwriter Steven Gagan, members:

Chinese actress Ken Hailu, Belgian director and producer Marion Hansel, Moroccan producer Mia Chraibi, as well as Egyptian writer and novelist Ibrahim Abdel Meguid, Italian director Daniele Locetti.

The jury of the Arab Cinema Horizons Competition is chaired by Canadian critic Pierce Handling.

The members are: Bulgarian producer Steven Kitanov. Egyptian jury artist Hana Shiha and Lebanese singer Betty Tuttle are also present on the jury.

The jury of the International Critics Week Competition is chaired by Irish Jessica Kiang, a film critic of Variety magazine, and Jordanian critic Najeh Hassan.

The jury of Al Ghad International Short Film Competition is chaired by Portuguese producer and distributor Nuno Rodriguez, and artist Hanan Mutawa.

Jury of the best Arab film chaired by the artist Sherine Reda.


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