Indian businessman, Mahesh Savani will sponsor 271 Indian girls

India / Followups / Indian businessman, Diamond Crown, Mahesh Savani sponsored 271 Indian girls orphans, for the eighth year in a row, bringing the number of those who married them to 3172 orphans.

The group marriage ceremony lasted for two days, 21 and 22 December 2019, in Surat city, Gujarat state, southern India.

Of the 271 orphans, 5 are Muslim women and girls from Nepal, two girls are from Uttar Pradesh state, five are from Maharashtra state, one is from Jharkhand and one is from Odisha.

Mahesh Savani pays for all the expenses of marriage and dowries for the marriage of these orphans, as marriage costs the girl’s family a huge sum of money, and if the girl’s father dies, there is almost no chance for her to marry.

Savani started this charitable annual habit in 2010, with the aim of marrying the orphans of his city, Surat. Indeed, in the first year, he began marrying 23 orphans, reaching 271 girls this year, and Savani became attracting girls from all states and communities in India without discrimination. For a total of 3,172 orphans.

"The Times of India" tells the story behind the start of this charitable habit, and says: In 2008, a Savani relative, who had a daughter at the age of marriage, died, and she found no one to sponsor her marriage money.

The woman provides the dowry in India, Savani felt responsible for him, married her, and then decided to marry the destitute orphans.

Savani stresses that charity works bring the Lord's satisfaction and give him blessing, and that what he does is his social responsibility towards his country and his family.

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