Lebanese singer Amar and a new appearance on Instagram

January 03, 2021
 Lebanese Qamar temptation and controversial excitement Lebanese Qamar temptation and controversial excitement

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The account of the Lebanese artist, Amar, on Instagram always brings new photos that are followed and admired by the fans of the controversial and controversial artist.

The photos of the Lebanese artist Amar are the secret of her spread and fame on social networking sites, while her artworks are few.

Lebanese Qamar temptation and controversial excitement

Her name was also associated with many controversial news, including Sigal, and the issues between her and Angie Khoury.

The Lebanese singer Amar is keen to spread her gossip, highlighting her beauty and the charms of her body, and puts gentle comments that attract the attention of her fans.

The latest work of the Lebanese singer Amar, the song "Kiss My Lips", in the manner of a video clip on "YouTube", and she faced severe criticism because of the boldness of her clothes.

Qamar recently participated in the movie "The Pharaoh's Campaign", in which she embodies the role of an Arab girl who is kidnapped by foreigners and travels to Iraq.

"Pharaoh's Campaign" is based on the story of the movie "The Seven Greats" presented by Hollywood in the 1960s, and presented by artist Adel Imam under the name "Shams Al Zinati" later, but this time it is presented in a modern spirit.

"Pharaoh's Campaign" is written by Karim Hassan Bashir, starring Amr Saad, Mohamed Lotfy, Ramez Amir, Ruby, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghni, Mike Tyson, and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

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