An exciting picture of the Moroccan artist, Asma Khamlichi with her own coach

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:--- Moroccan artist Asma Khamlichi was in an exciting position inside the gym with her own coach, and it is not known why she wanted to document that moment in a photo, and then post it on social media.

However, it seems that the names of Khamlichi wanted to provoke controversy, on social networking sites, where she appeared in sports positions, condemned by followers of her personal account, and considered a cacophony that may not be marketed.

In one of the pictures, the artist appeared lying on her back and opened her legs, and the trainer in a site aroused the indignation of some who considered the picture bear sexual suggestion.

Commenting on the pictures, Khamlichi said during the program "Bainatna" on the channel "Midi 1 TV", it did not publish the images for the purpose of "excitement," especially since it is not the one who published the pictures.

Khamlichi added that she had asked her close friend to publish some pictures of her training, and she chose those pictures, which the public considered to be sexually suggestive.

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