Saturday, 30 May 2020

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Miss Iran, Lily ahmad ali, revealed that the police arrested the girl who put her poison in her food, and pointed out that the defendant returned to London after information that there was no doubts about the murder attempt, and that the accusations hit the driver of the beauty queen.

Supermodel and American-Moroccan actress Sofia symonds revealed that reality TV star Kim Kardashian fought her at one stage and sought to keep her out of the limelight, after hiring advertising companies with her international reach and entering the film line.

Miss Iran 2019 Lily ahmad ali has revealed that she has recovered from the health crisis she suffered after she was attempted to kill, by a friend in her house, she poking poison in her food.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Kuwaiti fascistista, Dr. Kholoud, could face several years in prison, if proven, in the lawsuits against her.

Miss Iran 2019 - Lily ahmad ali revealed that she had been the attempted murder, a measure by a Western girl who was visiting her home, in the British capital London, as one of her fans and follow them on social media. She added that Lily ahmad ali, that the length of time a normal friendship grew between them, but there was jealousy was touched from time to time in her actions, and began to approach them until almost killed by poison and put in eating. Lily said: I invited her to a lunch at my house, and helped me prepare food, and minutes after eating soup I felt pain in my stomach, and I thought he was a casual transient, but the pain has increased, and surprised the girlfriend insists to leave the house because of her work . I continued to call the doctor, and asked me to go to the hospital, after the first aid and tests, and was shocked when the doctor confirmed to me that a toxic substance appeared in laboratory tests, and that the effect was not fatal, because I did not eat a lot of soup. Lily ahmad ali pointed out that the suspicions revolve around the girl she visited and said: she disappeared completely after the incident, especially after I filed a complaint with the competent authorities without taking responsibility to anyone, although no one has entered my house other than this friend, which may have been driven by jealousy and obsession Fame to the step that is considered a crime. Lily said she had hired a personal companion at the current stage and was still searching for the girl who had returned to her country and closed her pages on social media.

Maliha Al Arab 2019, Moroccan Bouchra Alami, arrived in her country, Morocco, on a visit that lasts for weeks during which she will hold a number of media meetings, in addition to a mission related to the spotlight, but she is still hiding her details, to launch her according to the policy of surprises followed in the coming stages.


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