Saturday, 30 May 2020

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US criminal "Jeremy Mix," moved from the corridors of the California prison, to fashion a platform, where he took advantage of his stay in prison, period, for fashion design, and the shift from a criminal to a mannequin blue eyes and prominent muscles, which brought him fame in the exhibition Star style front row the likes of Kylie Jenner, and Paris Hilton, Madonna.

Queen Iranian beauty, fashion model, Mahlaga Gabri, participated Turkish star Burak Oozatgeevit suspend, on one of the pictures on Instagram and wrote, "We love you."

Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the fashion house famous "Moschino", the most important fashion designers who are dedicated to providing innovative ideas designs make the lights shall rule over them once launched.

Syrian group of players were keen to review their beauty, through the images they have captured in one of the areas of Syria.

Miss Moroccan teenage Rim Kadri has a private visit to some schools of Ivory Coast.

FASED Charity Association, was accompanied and distributed textbooks and gifts to the students who need books.

Russian Anastasia casual fashion Kwejtko, in her first appearance, it was considered an alternative to reality TV star Kim Kardechian.


The political war in Tunisia
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