Saturday, 30 May 2020

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Miss Moroccan teenage Rim Kadri has a private visit to some schools of Ivory Coast.

FASED Charity Association, was accompanied and distributed textbooks and gifts to the students who need books.

Russian Anastasia casual fashion Kwejtko, in her first appearance, it was considered an alternative to reality TV star Kim Kardechian.

Supermodel Luna Mansour, Belle from the city of Acre, lives in Tel Aviv, a student at Tel Aviv University, is studying Arabic and English literature.

Egyptian Belle, Nesma Eljallad, began her career in conjunction with the events of January 2011 revolution, it decided to stay away from the first place, "Tahrir Square" and the shift to casual fashion.

Eljallad, which did not leave any chance of contact with people in the streets and squares, she says: «press did not interest me as much as my attention that I was appointed the truth."

Iris Metinar, 24 years old, Miss France, Miss Universe, after the ceremony, which lasted three hours in the capital of the Philippines, focused on diversity, and overcome the difficulties of life, superior to all contestants, totaling 85 contestants from around the world.

Casual Italian fashion "Paula Saolino" aged (27 years), had vowed to have sex with both voted "no" in the recent referendum over constitutional reforms put forward by the former Italian "Matteo Renzi Prime Minister."

"Paula" began to implement its promise, I must have sex with with 19.4 million voters, but she began to feel tired after sex with the first 400 voters, but vowed to continue the implementation of its promise, even prove she was a woman as much promise, and as a message of thanks to voters who voted for "No".


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