Monday, 01 June 2020

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Model Rose, born in Saudi Arabia, originally from Medina, whose real name is Rowan Abdullah Abu Zaid.

Model Rose, or, Barbie Gulf, as they are known, she lived her childhood in Sharghiyah, and then moved to Riyadh, and then traveled with her family to America.

A young Moroccan, Hanan Oopla (21 years), won the title of Miss Amazigh, one of the ten semifinalists, at a ceremony held in Agadir, southern Morocco.

Hanan, studied at a private school for dental restoration sequence and is interested in theater, writing.

Lebanese Supermodel, Myriam Klink that dazzled everyone and raised its beauty and femininity, this is a picture of her childhood innocent.

Top Vision collected in this album, the most beautiful 10 posts Miss Universe contest

Kausar Omrani Arabic version of Kim Kardashian, as nominations for the pioneers of social networking sites.

Update of the news that have sprung up recently, about the possession of Moscow embarrassing files, the new US president Donald Trump's, in reference to possession of Russia pornographic films for Trump, Miss Hungary previous "Kata Sarka", revealed that Trump invited her to a room in his hotel during the presentation of the Miss World year 2013 in the Russian capital Moscow.


The political war in Tunisia
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