Thursday, 04 June 2020

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Introduction Czech television programs, EVA Prcaosuva, aged 22 years, which in the channel, "Prima" TV, published a nude image.

Eva Prcaosuva, wrote a terse comments under the picture says, "beautiful dreams."

The fourth edition of the annual competition for the selection of Miss Amazigh, began weeks ago in the city of Agadir Maghreb.

Jury require the posts, in addition to beauty, as well as mastery of the Amazigh language and good knowledge of the Amazigh culture.

Arrest occurred on Miss Lebanese expatriates' Njah Ghamrawy, "chasing after her car in the path of" Western Sydney, "in Australia, when it blew a tire, and found 22 grams of the substance inside the car as well as cash.

Has betrothal, the star of the Tunisian and international supermodel Rim Saidi, recently, to the Lebanese media, Wsam Brady.

Rim Saidi of the most desired fashion models in the world and has worked with the most famous global brands and agencies.

In the 91 session of the selection of Miss Universe, which was organized by Tunisia for the first time, the Moroccan Ceyhan Slanh won the title of Miss Universe from among 15 beauty queen representing Western and Arab states.

Serena Kapoor, "solo in the beauty and fashion sky", so Serena Maalij, Belle Tunisian capital of the south of Sfax, wanted to speak for themselves.

Self-confidence on the viewing platform, and talk to her.


The political war in Tunisia
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