Thursday, 04 June 2020

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In the 91 session of the selection of Miss Universe, which was organized by Tunisia for the first time, the Moroccan Ceyhan Slanh won the title of Miss Universe from among 15 beauty queen representing Western and Arab states.

Serena Kapoor, "solo in the beauty and fashion sky", so Serena Maalij, Belle Tunisian capital of the south of Sfax, wanted to speak for themselves.

Self-confidence on the viewing platform, and talk to her.

Stephanie de Valle, of Puerto Rico, won the title of Miss World 2016 after competition between the 120 girls from around the world whom Mr. Egyptian Nadine.

In addition, Miss Dominican Republic won the title of first runner-up, while Miss Indonesia got the title of second runner-up.

Miss Egypt and winning first place Africa contest the Miss World Tourism, Sherihan Steen rejected the Miss World Tourism title, if the title has been associated with swimsuits wear them.

During World contest, which was held recently in China to choose Miss World Tourism, Miss Egypt Steen Sherihan announced she have not wearing the Maillot, which is a cornerstone of the Miss Beauty.

"Barbie" Russian, the girl that does not exceed the 25-year-old, enjoy this beauty without any plastic surgery to resemble a "Barbie", stressing that her husband is the secret of their success to their appearance and encourages them to keep it.

Singer Haifa Wehbe published pictures of her through calculated on "Instagram", while in London, to attend the opening of the fashion house World Lebanese designer Elie Saab, and created a sensation because of her dress black.


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