Saturday, 30 May 2020

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America - University of California San Francisco Hospital: American doctors have warned against using anonymous skin creams, or adding any substances of the famous types, after the first recorded case of methylmercury poisoning associated with a skin cream in the United States.

Kuwaiti security forces arrested a Kuwaiti model, Sarah Al-Kandari, and her husband, Ahmed Al-Anzi. The electronic detectives had detected a video clip of the modesty, and the identity of it was identified.

Famous model, Nyakim Gatwish, of Sudanese origin, is one of the most famous and richest models, heading towards defending the right of the Samarot in general, and Sudanese in particular, after a taxi driver in New York advised her to whiten her skin, to switch its color.

The Saudi activist residing in America, Hind Al-Qahtani, published a video on the international photo sharing application, Instagram, during which she said that she would not marry an Arab man.

American actress, Jane Padler, has confirmed the death of her 27-year-old model and young Australian actor Harry Hines.

The Moroccan actress, Hind Sixassi, and the former Miss Morocco, announced her acceptance of marrying a married man, and this announcement implicitly came during media statements, which angered Moroccan women, on social media.

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