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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The Saudi Businesswoman, Princess Dina Al-Jahni Abdul Aziz, has a fashion show and has worked for a period of time as Editor-in-Chief of the Arabic version of Vogue magazine, so we can say that the world of elegance and fashion is her own kingdom.

Fashion Dina Al-Juhani depends on the colors of the quiet, and she loves white color and prefer much in most of the views, but her passion for soft colors is completely contrary to the type of designs that you prefer.

Saudi Arabia, which is a special icon of fashion, prefer multi-layered clothes, wide skirts and jamspot in general, as you like to mix different materials together, and also prefer large pieces that look larger size, because it increases attractiveness in its slimness, Change it.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The female bodybuilders are more fortunate than the thinner because they can easily show their body charms with any kind of clothing, even if they are wide.

Clothes that are on your scale are the best choice where your body appears as it is not larger than it seems. Keep away from selecting Oversize pieces and try to format pieces that fit your measurement.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The real reason for the death of the Iraqi beauty expert, Rafif al-Yasiri, was a mystery to all her fans, especially as she died suddenly and there were many stories about the causes and the place.

The channel "Alsumaria" Iraqi quoted one of its sources that it received the results of forensic report on the cause of the death of Rafif Yasiri, the result was shocking.

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Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Lebanese actress Salwa Akkar has been named Lebanese Miss Lebanon as a picture of her Israeli counterpart in the Miss Earth contest.

The photo was published by Salwa Akkar on the means of social communication and raised a wide debate in the Lebanese street, while the organization responded by refusing to "normalization" as described.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, The annual list of the most beautiful 100 faces for women and men, selected by the film critic TC Candler, revealed the names of celebrity candidates for the title this year.

The list included a number of Arab celebrities and stars, most notably the Kazakh-based Palestinian media, Lina Qishawi, as well as the British-Lebanese international human rights lawyer Amal al-Din al-Din, known as "Clooney Hope" After her marriage to world star «George Colony», who was also chosen among the most beautiful faces of this year.

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Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Miss Lebanon 2017, Birla Helou The Miss 2018 crown was handed over to Maya Raidi, who won the title after a competition with 15 girls, while Mira Tefili won the title of first runner. Yara Bo Moncef won the title of second runner, Vanessa Yazbek, third runner, Tatiana Sarovem and fourth.

The event was broadcast directly from the Center de Formation de Beirut through MTV for the first time after it was granted the exclusive right to organize the concert in October 2017, after the station had retained this right for more than 10 consecutive years was held in Casino Lebanon.

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Dubai United Arab Emirates, The assassination of Tara Fares, Miss Lebanon's deputy, is still revealing its secrets, especially after the Iraqi Interior Ministry revealed new details.

Although the assassination of Tara Fares was shot, it caused bruises on her face

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Vision News) Miss Iraq in 2015, Shaima Kassem received a death threat after the assassination of Miss Baghdad, a model Farah Faris in the area of ​​Camp Sarah in Baghdad.

Shaimaa appeared in a video as she cried. She said she had received death threats. She asked, "Are we guilty of going out on the media and becoming famous to be slaughtered like chickens?"

"When she opens her page, she finds a shelf, sometimes a knight and a racha.

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