Pictures of Jordanian casual Sarah Zaghul
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Jordanian fashion model Sarah Zaghul was found dead

United States, assassination of models, US police found the body of a Jordanian model, Sarah Zaghul, cut into two black BMW car cases in a residential neighborhood in central Portland, Oregon.

The Jordanian fashion model, Sarah Zaghul, 28, a US citizen, mother of a model child and actress, who lives in the same neighborhood where the body was found. Police confirmed that she arrested the culprit and arrested no one more than that.

One of the neighbors suspected the crime and the person who carried it out, told the police about the two bags inside the car, police in turn arrested the suspect who tried to commit suicide at the moment of arrest by cutting his arteries with a knife but failed.

The Zaghoul family is one of the most powerful and most prominent of Jordan's clans, and its origins are in particular to Mount Ajloun in the village of Madinah.

Sarah Zaghoul's account on Facebook shows that she was living a normal life. She has more than 3,000 friends, and in many pictures celebrates her only child Tarek, whose friends spoke to the press about their special relationship, even as a source of positive energy in their lives.

In addition, personal information shows that she lived for a period of her life in the Jordanian capital of Amman, but the longest period was in the United States of her nationality.

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