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With a huge budget: Tunisian media Aisha Osman returns to the program "Mon espoir"

Stars of Tunisia, Tunisian media Aisha Osman has finished filming a new program called "Mon Espoir". The first episode of her program is scheduled to be broadcast on Friday 9 February 2018, on Al-Nahar, Algeria at 7:30 pm, on the same program After 15 days starting now on the Egyptian channel Dada Elbaled.

Aisha has been shooting in Montparnasse since 2015, a program in 17 workshops dealing with plastic surgery, during which she will be presented with different cosmetic procedures for citizens of Tunisia and Algeria. .

According to the information we have, the cost of producing this program was very large, knowing that there are more than one cosmetic surgery.

It is expected that Aisha Osman will start filming the second season of "Mon Espoir" soon, and that the cases involved in addition to Tunisia and Algeria cases from Egypt.

With the knowledge that the program is broadcast on the same time on the official page of Aisha Osman and the page "Med Espoir ".

It should be noted that negotiations are currently underway with one of the Gulf channels to broadcast the first season of "Med Espoir ".

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