JCC2019, Parallel Awards

November 02, 2019
JCC2019, Parallel Awards JCC2019, Parallel Awards Source: Media and Communication Department, Carthage International Festival

Tunis, For this 2019 Carthage Film Festival (Nejib Ayed session), the awards ceremony of the parallel section was held today evening, November 1st 2019.

The list of prize-winners is the following:


Award of the International Federation of the Cinematographic Press:

''You will die at twenty'' by Amjad Abu Alala (Sudan). Award of the African Federation of Film critics:

''Adam'' by Maryam Touzani (Morocco).

Award of the Tunisian General Labour Union:

Saoussen Jemni, First Assistant Director of the film "Noura's dream'' (Tunisia) Award of CINEPHILIA:

''Chebba'' by Yasmine Benabdallah (Morocco) Carthage Cine Promises Awards:

Award of 'Hakka distribution':

''The last journey'' by Latefa Ahrrare (Morocco) Award of the Carthage Cine Promises :

''The last journey'' by Latefa Ahrrare (Morocco) Special mention: ''TF2011" by Nour El Hayet Ben Abdallah (Tunisia).

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