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Amani Nour funded ISIS, after dating Liverpool player

Amani Nour funded ISIS, after dating Liverpool player Amani Nour funded ISIS, after dating Liverpool player

A British court in Liverpool has sentenced Amani Nur, a former Liverpool friend, 21-year-old, to prison terms, after being convicted of financing terrorism.

Amani Nour will spend 18 months behind bars after the court persuaded that it had provided terrorist financing, albeit small.

The court says the girl gave 34 pounds ($ 44) to an organization calling her "Hands of Mercy".

She added that Amani donated the amount through the organization's PayPal financial site, despite knowing that the money may be used for terrorist purposes.

But the girl denied the charge, and said she believed the money would be used to buy food for women and children in war-torn Syria.

Amani Nour was planning to join her husband, who was fighting in Syria.

Amani Nour was used to dating Ojo, the Liverpool player, who was later loaned to the Scottish Rangers Club.

Amani Nour wore the veil, after she participated in the Miss Teenage Beauty Contest in Britain, and reached her in the semi-finals.

The court says that the British girl and another woman communicated by applying a telegram with terrorist groups, including ISIS.

During the communication through the application, she met a person who said he was an "independent fighter" in Syria, confirming that she had married him via the World Wide Web.

The authorities found a letter in her e-mail believed to have been written, saying that she had a dream at the time of associating with a fighter man and also becoming a fighter.

The police, who searched her house in July 2018, found that they had a ticket booked to travel to Turkey, which was considered an indication of their desire to travel to Syria.

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