Australian study: reasons women want to wear clothes that highlight their charms

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Women who play fewer roles than men in societies with apparent economic inequalities choose open clothing that reveals their charms, according to an Australian study involving more than 300 people from 38 countries around the world.

The study tried to uncover the reasons why women wear clothes that show their body charms.

Each participant in the study experience belonged to an online virtual group that fits real economic models.

The result of the study indicated that women who do so because of their concern about their meeting status, in this way try to increase their chances of retaining their status.

For beautiful women, this may be the right strategy to achieve equality, even by default.

One must understand that beauty is neither eternal nor eternal, and that excessive mania is associated with other dangers and mental problems.

According to psychologists, rising economic inequality increases women's interest in their appearance and increases their desire to reveal their charms.

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