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Monday, 26 December 2016 15:32

Belle Tunisian, Serena Kapoor, solo in the beauty and fashion sky

Serena Kapoor, "solo in the beauty and fashion sky", so Serena Maalij, Belle Tunisian capital of the south of Sfax, wanted to speak for themselves.

Self-confidence on the viewing platform, and talk to her.

"Serena" (21 years), the art of beauty hobby, talent and study, where she studied fine arts, and innovation and design clothes, along with her experience as an actress play, and loves Indian dance and painting, including explains, "the title of fame Kapoor."

Belle Sfax Serena Kapoor, in the space of passage_l_art Tunisian capital, was the star that attracted the attention of her audience of reporters and followers and those interested in the art of femininity and beauty industry.

In addition, continued to shine the international exhibition Expo Sfax "joy."

Serena Kapoor glanced harmlessly off the podium weeks of preparation and setup, under the supervision of a full team of qualified, to regain its capabilities in a short time, after a lengthy period of rest, following a severe illness her away from the beauty offers, for a relatively lengthy.

Management of its work contributed to the return to the lights and glamor and excellence performance of professional solo and played a chord beauty.

It seems that some fashion houses and fashion in France, Italy and Beirut began to flirt with "Serena" to join them to hold a formal professionalism.

Will 2017 come with new Serena Kapoor?


Photo Tunisian Belle Serena Kapoor


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