Creams of unknown origin contain toxic substance

America - University of California San Francisco Hospital: American doctors have warned against using anonymous skin creams, or adding any substances of the famous types, after the first recorded case of methylmercury poisoning associated with a skin cream in the United States.

A lady (47 years old) went to the hospital, after she felt tingling and weakness, and then returned after two weeks in a more deteriorating situation, as she had blurred vision and stuttered in speech.

And doctors discovered that her body contained high amounts of mercury, which is a highly toxic substance capable of causing permanent damage to the nervous system.

It turned out that the mercury came from a skin-lightening cream that the woman bought from Mexico.

Although the cream that the woman bought is from a well-known brand, she got it from her friends, after they added mercury to him, believing it helps get rid of spots and wrinkles.

Most of the skin-lightening creams contain inorganic mercury, but in this case the patient used a product that contained organic mercury, which is much more toxic, said Dr. Paul Bland, of the University of California San Francisco Hospital.

"Bland" added that the harm of methylmercury to the nervous system is made worse after a person stops consuming the products that contain it, explaining that the condition of this woman continued to deteriorate even after undergoing treatment to expel the mercury from her body through the urine.

The patient is still unable to speak or take care of herself, and is now dependent on a tube for nutrition, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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