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Monday, 24 October 2016 14:19

Jassera Noronha, Queen of bodybuilding on "Instagram"

Jassera Noronha Jassera Noronha

Jassera Noronha (57) years old, became the star of social networking sites because of the practice bodybuilding sport, and although they are a mother of four and grandmother of three children, she posted pictures of her femininity and her body appear slim.

Jassera, a Brazilian teacher, own lounge bodybuilders and gym, and suddenly became a celebrity on the social media.

Jassera Noronha began exercising 13 years ago after recovering from a motorcycle accident and disrupted work due to the difficulty of movement and lost a lot of muscle tissue.

Doctors advised her not to exercise but it has taken the courageous decision to their practice and went to the gym and the rehabilitation exercises. Six months later regained full activity of women, decided to open a private gym, pointing out that it has a very busy agenda.

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Jassera Noronha, she posted pictures of her femininity and her body appear slim


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