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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 09:30

Miriam Alsahli candidate Miss Belgium: I wear a bikini and pray

Miriam Alsahli Belgian-old 19-year-old Moroccan origin, a candidate to win the title of Miss Belgium next.

Miriam Alsahli, won the beauty of Brussels, competing with 30 other women in the national competition for the Miss Belgium, is expected to be announced the winner of 14 of January.

Miriam Alsahli Mulnbek grew up in the neighborhood (west of the French capital, Brussels), while her parents descended from the Moroccan city of Tangier.

Miriam says she attaches great importance to religion, although they do not wear the hijab, they always frequenting the mosque for prayers and fasting of Ramadan as well.

She adds, bikinis appearance does not cause her any problems, but they "refused to pick up a very interesting images," citing "Hit The Last News".

In an interview with the Los Angeles Capital newspaper Miriam says: "All around me are standing behind me and support me they see no problem in wearing the bikini, I wear it for him to go the beach, why not wear a bikini? There is nothing vulgar in it. "

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Miriam Alsahli, a candidate for the title of Miss Belgium


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