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Sunday, 23 October 2016 15:05

Sandy Tabet, Miss Lebanon 2016

Sandy Tabet, a student economy, the town "Bhamdoun," tourist, was crowned Miss Lebanon 2016.

Sandy (21 years), surpassed the 14 contestants, in answer to the common question calmly and intelligently, and that was a political par excellence.

The question was as follows, "approached what appeared to end the vacuum at the Presidency .. if you replace the new president what is the first thing you will do?".

Tabet in response to a question, said, "There are many things I start out, including enterprise architecture, and then impose on the deputies to perform their duties, and care about humanitarian issues that missed it, including the environmental issues, because it is not allowed to be repeated waste sight on the roads."

Miss Lebanon 2015, Valerie Abu Shaqra, handed over the crown to the new queen to the tune of the song (boys Queen's crown and scepter).

Marabl Tarabay got the title of first runner-up, and Andrea Haykhel, won the second runner-up and Tracy Rezqallah the title of the third runner-up.


Photos Sandy Tabet Miss Lebanon 2016


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