Sudanese fashion model, Niakim Gatwish

January 20, 2020
 Dark Queen is one of the most famous and richest supermodels Dark Queen is one of the most famous and richest supermodels Source de l'image: - google

Famous model, Nyakim Gatwish, of Sudanese origin, is one of the most famous and richest models, heading towards defending the right of the Samarot in general, and Sudanese in particular, after a taxi driver in New York advised her to whiten her skin, to switch its color.

Nyakim Gatwish posted what happened on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, and immediately brought in many followers and supporters.

Nyakim Gatwish, 24, from South Sudan, lives in Minnesota, USA.

She has a great reputation on Instagram, with nearly half a million followers.

Called "The Queen of Darkness", she asserts that she uses honey and natural and nourishing oils to fight dry skin.

She is the advertising face of many international medical cosmetic companies, defending the rights of brown skin owners around the world.

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