The death of Moroccan model Camellia Marrakchi

January 28, 2020
Camellia Marrakchi died in hospital after her health in prison deteriorated Camellia Marrakchi died in hospital after her health in prison deteriorated Source de l'image: - google

Morocco - Fes: - Camellia Marrakchi, a Moroccan model, died in Ghassani Hospital, in the Moroccan city of Fez, after she suffered from a state of disturbance of consciousness in the "Burkayez" prison.

Camellia Marrakchi was transferred to the hospital on January 24, 2020, after severe exhaustion, and was placed under medical care until she passed away.

According to some news sites, Camellia Marrakchi was subjected to medical negligence in prison, especially as she was being held pending an investigation into charges related to drug use.

Camelia has been in a state of health in recent days, due to the non-use of her prescription insulin injection due to "diabetes".

The Prison Commissioner said in a statement that the prisoner told the medical staff that she was in a hospital due to kidney problems, that she did not suffer from any chronic diseases, and that she did not follow any special treatment, as the first examination showed that there were no injuries or bruises on her body.

The statement continued: "On January 24, Camellia had a disturbance of consciousness, which required her to be taken to hospital.

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