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Yemeni model, Maryam Nazim, will she leave her husband ?? Maryam Nazim receives an offer for marriage

Yemeni model, Maryam Nazim, will she leave her husband ??

Egyptian News Vision: - Maryam Nazim is the first Yemeni model, so she caused controversy after she achieved her fame and decided to live in Uzbekistan, where she is currently taking her first steps in the world of acting.

The Yemeni model, Maryam Nazim, has broadcast a live video on the global photo-sharing site, Instagram, and has interacted with comments on several topics.

Maryam Nazim said: "I am 24 years old, from a Yemeni father and a Russian mother," explaining that her beauty is Yemeni and not Russian like her mother, because she is neither blonde nor green with eyes like her, and that she is not the most beautiful in Yemen but there are girls more beautiful than her in her country.

One of the followers offered her to marry, and she answered that she is already married, and that polygamy is permitted only for men, not for women.

Maryam Nazim, in late November 2019, celebrated with her family and friends her wedding to the well-known car racer, the young Uzbek Kyomov.

About her sister's marriage, Maryam, the headmaster of her mother, said that she has not married yet, and that she may not marry due to rumors circulating on this issue.


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