Thursday, 01 October 2020

B Boll&Holl

Egyptian news vision: - American actor, Chadwick Bozeman (1976-2020), the hero of the movie "Black Panther" (Black Panther), which achieved tremendous success in the world in 2018.

Egyptian news vision: - Similar to car cinema in Egypt, the Corona pandemic did not deprive Israelis of cinema, a rope that was the reason for the creation of a new type, which is water bodies cinema.

Egyptian news vision: -DOP Ahmad Al Morsy has won Best Cinematography Award for the film Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers, at the 5th Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA) for film releases in 2019.

Egyptian news vision: -Four films distributed by MAD Solutions will screen at the 1st Amman International Film Festival (August 23-31).

Egyptian News Vision: Film star John Travolta, on Instagram, announced the death of his wife, Kelly Preston, at the age of 57, after two years of struggle with breast cancer. He married Travolta and Kelly about 29 years ago.

Egyptian News Vision: Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai and her daughter are infected with the Coruna virus, according to Maharashtra Minister of Health in a tweet on Twitter.

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