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American actress Yuma Thurman and producer Harvey Weinstein and sex scandal

Hollywood stars, star news: American actress Yuma Thurman and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, news sex scandal.

In an interview published in the New York Times, American actress Yuma Thurman said Harvey and Ernestine had sexually assaulted her in 1994 after the release of the movie "Balp Fiction".

Thus, American actress Yuma Thurman has joined the list of actresses who accuse former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of harassing and sexually assaulting.

The attack took place after a working date in Paris when Harvey Weinstein invited the actress to his room to talk about a screenplay and then took her to a sauna bath.

"He pushed me and tried to throw himself at me and take off his clothes," he said of the first attack on the Weinstein suite in a London hotel.

Shortly after that incident, the actress and the former fashion model went to the Weinstein Hotel to meet him with her girlfriend Elona Herman, but his aides pressed her to go alone.

"If you do what you have done with other people, you will eliminate your work and reputation and your family will lose, I guarantee you," she said.

Elona Herman said Thurman, 47, was furious when she left the product room at the end of the standoff. She told her that the producer threatened to put an end to her artistic career.

"Mr. Weinstein acknowledges that he tried to be courteous to Ms. Thurman after he misinterpreted references she made in Paris, and immediately apologized," said a spokeswoman for the former producer, who is currently pursuing treatment in Arizona, but her allegations that he assaulted her were incorrect. She asked why Yuma Thurman had been waiting for "25 years to reveal these allegations."

"I feel real discomfort for all the women who have been assaulted after me," Thurman said. "They are ewes being taken to the slaughterhouse."

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