Tunisian cinema opens "The fortnight of Directors" at the 71st session of the Cannes Film Festival Tunisian cinema opens "The fortnight of Directors" at the 71st session of the Cannes Film Festival
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Tunisian cinema opens "The fortnight of Directors" at the 71st session of the Cannes Film Festival

Tunisia Factory 2018

Tunisian cinema opened the “Fortnight of directors” section at the 71st session of the Cannes Film Festival (08 - 19 May 2018) on Wednesday, 09 May 2018 at 12h00, in presence of the director of the National Center for the Cinema and the Image, Shiraz Atiri, a number of Tunisian, Arabic and international actors. Also, the four Tunisian directors who performed their films in cooperation with four foreign directors under the “Tunisia Factory 2018” program,

The program of Tunisia Factory 2018 started since the last session of the Cannes Film Festival with Dominique Vilensky, sponsor of the program. Four directors from Tunisia were selected to work on their first feature films. They faced many challenges, especially as they knew nothing about their foreign colleagues who, themselves, knew nothing about Tunisia. Another challenge was to complete their filming work in only five days. The producers also were facing the challenge of providing the suitable conditions for the execution of the films as they were supposed to be managed at the same time.

The “Tunisia Factory 2018” program  includes four films: "The Law of Silence" by Mariam Ferajani, who played for the first time  in the movie "The pretty and the pack" by the director "Kawther Ben Hania", and worked on this film with the French director of Algerian origin, "Mehdi Hemman", the movie " Laila’s Nights " directed by "Isma'il" with the Iranian director "Fatima Ahmadi", starring "Reem Ben Masoud",the movie  "The Blue Bird" by Rafik Amrani in collaborated with the Serbian director "Soba Sivakumaran" and the fourth movie “Take my eye” by "Anissa Daoud" With director of "AbuZar Amini" from Afghanistan

Four Tunisian short films performed within the” Tunisia Factory 2018” program initiated the "The fortnight of Directors " at the Cannes Film Festival and were received with great hospitality. The eight directors said that the experience was so difficult since they faced the challenge of completing the films in a record time.

What makes the four films distinguished is that they hold a different content and aesthetic visuals. This is what gives to the whole world that meets these days in the city of Cannes an idea about the diversity of the Tunisian cinema especially with the emergence of a new generation that is carrying new visions and new plans to touch the other worlds.

The films will be projected at the same time at the Cannes Film Festival and at the Tunisian cinema halls.

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