Aida by Giuseppe Verdi

The Orchestra and Choir of the Opera of Tunis, the Orchestra Sinfonica E coro Luglio Musicale Trapanese, the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra

Under the  High supervision of M. Youssef Chahed, Head of Government and in presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine Minister of Cultural Affairs and several members of the Government and Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Tunis, including His Excellency Lorenzo Fanara Ambassador of Italy, the Roman Theater of Carthage hosted on Thursday, July 5, in the pre-opening show of the 54th session of the International Festival of Carthage, the famous Opera Aida of the great Italian musician Giuseppi Verdi, a monumental work that survived all times preserving all its strength and sound with the subtlety of its metaphors.

After being performed last Saturday at the Roman Amphitheater of El Jem, which found on this occasion all its majesty of the old times, the Opera Aida created the event in Tunis and attracted a large number of admirers of this art of great nobility and refinement.

Aida in Carthage is a major cultural event which echoes will resonate throughout the world and more particularly in Italy where the Opera is a patrimony that will probably be engraved in the annals of this prestigious Festival.

The Italian Opera, this perfect art that shapes the Italian identity and which existed even before the creation of the Italian State, came to us through a common project co-directed by the Orchestra and Choir of the Opera of Tunis, the Orchestra Sinfonica E Coro del Luglio Musicale Trapanese, the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra and Tunisian dancers.

At 21h00, the numerous opera lovers already occupied the stands of the Roman Theater, coming from everywhere rediscovering this musical masterpiece. At 22:00 the big orchestra of this Opera was ready for the journey. A great silence invaded the scene before the notes of the Tunisian and the Italian national anthems were performed by the Orchestra and filled the atmosphere. Under the direction of Maestro Andrea Certa and with a staging by Raffaele Di Florio, the Opera started with on stage a powerful king enraged to learn that his throne was in danger. In Pharaohs costumes, and in a removable decor of an extreme beauty, the choir was unleashed in a fascinating demonstration of virtuosity. The sound has arisen everywhere with delicacy and strength to amaze the great audience.

The story of Aida was unfolded smoothly but with an art of extreme subtlety and refinement. It is the Opera in all its exuberance where the costumes, the dances, the vocalise merge together to offer a harmony of colors and sounds.

The great Italian vocalists, Aida: Maity Alberola (Soprano), Amneris: Daniela Diakova (Mezzo-Soprano), Radames: Dario Prola (Tenor), Amonasro: Giuseppe Garra (Baritone), Ramphis : Andrea Comelli (Bass), King of Egypt: Enrico Rinaldo (Bass), the High Priestess: Luciana Pansa (Soprano), and the Messenger: Giuseppe Infantino (tenor) took turns on the stage to tell the story of a great passion. More than 150 performers, instrumentalists, world-renowned solo singers, choristers, dancers and extras transported the audience from El Jem to Memphis and Thebes at the Pharaohs time recounting the love story of “Aida”, an enslaved Ethiopian princess and Radames, an Egyptian officer in wartime between their two nations.

This great Opera, in 4 acts, required considerable human resources. The decors, scenography and costumes were made in Tunisia with the help of the best national skills. A show of great artistic quality that will remain forever engraved in the annals of the Festival of El Jem, as a great work in which the Tunisian musicians of the Choir and the Orchestra of the Opera of Tunis and the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra have taken part.

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