TUNISIA, Festival "Cinema in our neighborhood" TUNISIA, Festival "Cinema in our neighborhood"
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TUNISIA, Festival "Cinema in our neighborhood"

TUNISIA, SALLAM AWAD, The City of Culture hosted on Thursday, July 26, 2018 a press conference for the Festival "Cinema in our neighborhood" organized by the Tunisian Federation of Cine-Clubs (FTCC).

This new event, which will take place from July 28 to September 15, 2018, will be under the mobilizing slogan "Jib Korsik Wija" and will move through several popular neighborhoods throughout Tunisia to promote cinematography, entertain the population and reconcile the Tunisian with the art of cinema. From Sidi Hassine, Rdaief and Bazina to Sbeitla, this film event will offer 34 shorts films, 11 feature films through 11 governorates and 24 delegations.

During this press conference Manel Souissi, President of the FTCC, Asma Ben Hassine, representative of the T'fanen project (Tunisie Creative) and Bechir Makni, coordinator of the festival and member of the FTCC, took part in the conference where projects of this alternative festival have been widely debated. Among the strategic objectives of this cultural event: the promotion of cinematographic art as a tool for social bonding, citizenship, development of the individual, the consecration of the culture of proximity by bringing cinema where it could not exist, mainly in villages, neighborhoods, schools, streets, hospitals, prisons etc.

Faithfull to its vocation as a space of intellectual convergence, the Federation of Cine-clubs did not derogate from its traditions by organizing debate sessions after each projection. Cinema is an educational, didactic and informative tool based on the moving image.

When taking the floor, Asma Ben Hassine stressed the quality of this project, which was selected by T'fanen (Tunisie Creative) a European cultural financing project of five million dinars.

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