"Santa Madera" by MPTA, Mad'art Carthage "Santa Madera" by MPTA, Mad'art Carthage
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"Santa Madera" by MPTA, Mad'art Carthage

"Santa Madera", presented at Mard'art Carthage on Tuesday July 31. 2018 as part of the 54th session of the International Festival of Carthage was a show full of emotions, movements and pleasures. A contemporary circus spectacle presented by choreographers Juan Ignacio Tula from Argentina and Stefan Kinsman from Costa Rica.

With a giant spinning iron circus wheel, the two artists, through circular movements, drew and evoked ancient rituals from South America.

Directed by Mathurin Bolze and Seìverine Chavrier "Santa Madera" which means "The sacred wood" refers to a very ancient sacred ceremony practiced by South American peoples to drive out evil spirits and gather the community.

Through a kind of choreography with several audacious dances, the two choreographers representd life, death, solidarity, conflicts, war and freedom on harmonious multicultural Spanish sounds and songs.

On the stage, the two choreographers communicated with each other loudly. Their message was well received, sometimes approved by applause, some others by absolute silence.

The contemporary circus combines theater, speech, music and dance. It is an art in which everyone expresses his freedom of movement and his extreme talent and evokes several questions related to real life.

"Santa Madera" presented exclusively at the International Festival of Carthage is a spectacle full of emotions and pleasures in which the audience expressed a big satisfaction and admiration through loud ovations.

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