The series "Kingdoms of Fire" destroys the image painted by the Sultan's harem

November 06, 2019
The series "Kingdoms of Fire" is the largest of its kind in the Arab region and the Middle East The series "Kingdoms of Fire" is the largest of its kind in the Arab region and the Middle East Image Source: Google

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- Hundreds of episodes of the Turkish series in two parts: Harem Sultan, Sultan Qusem "attempts were to beautify the image of the formation of the Ottoman Empire, and it has not been on genocide, bloodshed, until the largest Arab drama production," Kingdoms of Fire ".

The series "Kingdoms of Fire" revealed the disadvantages of the Ottoman occupation of the Arab countries, will begin its screening on MBC screen on November 17, 2019, where the promotion of the series received great attention from the pioneers of social media, especially because of the amazing implementation of the combat scenes that make it already challenging the largest Turkish productions, especially "The Resurrection of Ertugrul" and "Harem of the Sultan".

The announcement of the series aroused the anger of the Turks.

The Turkish government news channel TRT Haber published a video of the announcement of the series "Kingdoms of Fire" translated into Turkish on its official website and through a tweet on its account on Twitter, which wrote: "They canceled the show of Turkish series first, and now show a series detracting from the Ottoman Empire MBC tells the final days of the Mamluk rule and is produced by an Emirati and is shown on a channel owned by a Saudi businessman.

The report, which talks about the series on the website of the channel, that the choice of the name of the series "Kingdoms of Fire" means the disadvantages of Ottoman rule under Sultan Selim.

The series is the largest of its kind in the Arab region and the Middle East, directed by Peter Webber, the author of a series of famous films including "Girls with a Pearl Earning", "Hannibal Rising" and "Emperor", and includes a global team specialized in decoration, clothing Make-up from Italy, Colombia and Australia, including Luigi Marchioni, who worked with international directors such as Giuseppe Tornatori and Ridley Scott.

The series is starring Khaled Al Nabawi, Mahmoud Nasr, Kinda Hanna, Rashid Assaf, Mona Wassef, Dima Kandalaft and a large number of drama and television stars in Egypt and Syria.

It focuses dramatically on the last era of the Mamluk state and its fall by the Ottomans in the early sixteenth century, highlighting a period in Arab history rich in events, revealing many facts about this era.

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