China-Arab TV seeks to tell the Arab world the "Chinese story"

November 21, 2020
The ceremony was attended by Director of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, "Yang Shuo" The ceremony was attended by Director of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, "Yang Shuo"

Vision Egypt News: The “World Summit on Audiovisual Broadcasting Forum” opened its works Friday, November 20, 2020, in the International Audiovisual Conference Hall in Beijing sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Office and with the participation of the Chinese Arabic channel.

The “World Audiovisual Summit Forum” parallels the conference theme “Audiovisual Changes Life, Culture Leads the Future,” with a focus on Chinese storytelling, promotion of external cultural exchange and multi-level civilizational dialogue.

The ceremony was attended by Director of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, "Yang Shuo" and delivered the opening speech in which he explained that Beijing, as the political and cultural center, international exchange and scientific and technological innovation in China, is also a center for creative creative planning for Chinese cinema and television, production, promotion, distribution and communication. And manufacturing equipment.

He added that Beijing bears the responsibility and the duty at the same time to create opportunities for fruitful international cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win.

The event was attended by officials from the embassies of European, African and Middle Eastern countries to China, representatives of the Sino-Arab channel, Chinese and foreign audiovisual institutions and companies, major media, experts in the audiovisual field and prominent personalities in various circles.

In the same context, the "Beijing Expo Season for Outstanding Films and TV Series Directed Outside" and "Audiovisual Cloud Exhibition" were organized in Europe, Africa and the Middle East to jointly facilitate international audio-visual exchanges and enhance mutual understanding, to make new contributions to Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and multi-level civilizational dialogue .

And through the Beijing Expo for the broadcasting of outstanding film and television dramas directed abroad, the achievements of international communication and publishing of Beijing's distinguished film and television series, using various advanced methods of presentation, were shown.

The Beijing Association for External Audiovisual Cooperation was established, memoranda of strategic cooperation and Chinese and foreign film and television production were signed, organizing forums, holding high-level summits and transferring audiovisual experience.

The discussion jointly dealt with comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the audiovisual field to build bridges of communication between Chinese and foreign audiences, facilitate international cultural exchanges, and make new contributions to multi-level cultural dialogue.

As an annual event for high-level cultural exchange in Beijing between China and foreign countries, the "Beijing Expo Season of Outstanding Film and TV Series" has become an important audiovisual exchange platform for trade cooperation and development in the audiovisual industry between China and foreign countries after years of development, and will continue to play Its role in the future is to steadily provide audiovisual communication services to all friendly countries of China.

In the past five years, the "Beijing Expo Season for Outstanding Film and TV Series Outstanding Outside" has yielded fruitful results by working to better spread "China-Beijing Stories".

In 2015, a new season for the Expo Directed Outbound broadcast from London was launched and it was included in the list of achievements of President Xi Jinping's visit to the UK that year.

These distinguished exhibitions have reached the United Kingdom, Russia, Ghana, Argentina and other countries, where hundreds of film and television artworks have been exhibited, and have become an important platform for trade cooperation and profitable development that brings Beijing together with the world's film and television industries.

The season of this exhibition will also enter the Arab world via the Chinese-Arab channel, thus building a new platform for exchanges and cooperation between Beijing and Arab countries in the field of film and television industry.

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