iProductions Releases Official Posters for Qeid Maghool (Anyonymous)

February 25, 2021

Cairo- iProductions has released three official posters for its upcoming serial drama Qeid Maghool (Anonymous) on its official Facebook and Instagram pages. One of the three posters features only Bassel Khiat, another one features Abdel Moneim Amiry alone, while the third one features them both. Slated to premiere on OSN starting March 18, the series marks the first Syrian drama to screen on a digital platform.


Recently, iProductions has released the official trailer for Qeid Maghool (Anonymous) series on its official social media accounts; also, Bassel khaiat published it on his Instagram account. The trailer unveiled breathtaking footages.

Anonymous is an 8-episode thriller drama headlined by Bassel Khaiat and Abdel Moneim Amiry, along with several Syrian drama stars, including Nazli Rawas, Ehab Shaaban, Haya Maraachli, Fayez Kazak, Pierre Dagher, Jiana Aneed , Rami Ahmar and Taraf Al-Taqi. Also, the cast featured Milad Youssef, Mohamed Qanuaa, Adnan Abu Al Shamat, Jamal El Ali, Gerges Gabbara and other stars.

Helmed by Al Sadeer Massoud, marking his first serial drama as a director, Anonymous is written by Mohammad Abou Laban and Liwaa Yazji, and the DOP is Haytham Hosny. Best known for his multiple Egyptian drama hit productions; Haza Al Masaa, Layali Eugenie, and Aho Da Elly sar, Anonymous marks Mohammad Mashish's first foray into Syrian drama.

iProductions continues taking fruitful steps to release Arab and international series productions on key digital platforms where Qeid Maghool premiering soon on OSN comes after a number of series released before on digital platforms. This comes as part of its plan to be a truly integrated content company that develops, produces, invests in, and distributes premium content, catering to the requirements of the Egyptian and Arab markets on the one hand, and the international market on the other.

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