iProductions Starts Shooting Exterior Scenes of Dina El Sherbiny's Qasr El Nile

February 27, 2021
iProductions Starts Shooting Exterior Scenes of Dina El Sherbiny's Qasr El Nile  iProductions Starts Shooting Exterior Scenes of Dina El Sherbiny's Qasr El Nile

Cairo- iProductions (Mohammad Mashish) announced that the company will wrap up shooting for all interior scenes of Qasr El Nile and will start filming the exterior scenes of the series soon. Recently, iProductions revealed first-look at behind- of the images that featured Dina Elsherbiny and director Khaled Marei.

The shooting of Qasr El Nile was started at the beginning of this year after the setup of the interiors was extended for several months to ensure accurate simulation of the time period where the events take place. Currently, the shooting of the interior scenes is about to wrap up. The series is slated to premiere during Ramadan 2021 on MBC Masr.

Producer Mohamad Mashish expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with Dina Elsherbiny once more, following the successful TV drama Grand Hotel, especially that the events are set against the backdrop of the 1960s that is best known for its dense historical events and unique style in fashion and decorations. He also added that the entire work process is currently underway to finish the shooting at the scheduled time..

TV series Qasr El Nile marks a new collaboration between Dina El Sherbiny and producer Mohamad Mashish, following the TV drama hits Grand Hotel, Zay El Shams and Le'bet El Nesyan, marking El Sherbiny’s fourth time in a row headlining a TV drama in Ramadan season for the fourth consecutive year.

Besides Dina El Sherbiny, Qasr El Nile features a star-studded cast, including: Reham Abdel Ghafour, who collaborates with Dina for the second time after the TV hit Zay El Shams, Ahmed Magdy, the salientSalah Abdallah, Sabry Fawaz, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Mohamed Hatem, Nabil Eissa, Omar El Saeed, Nardine Farag, Mariam El Khosht, Mohamed El Bezawy, and Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, along with production designer Karim Mahmoud, and composer Amine Bouhafa who has previously teamed up with the company in several works.

Taking place during the 1960s, the social drama features a thrilling crime plot that unfolds in a framework of mystery.

The crew built a special set that fits into the period during which the series events take place, nearly sixty years ago. Additionally, DOPHaitham Hosny used various digital techniques to give the same impression of the images taken back then.

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