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Lebanese Rita Harb is ahead of Bahraini, Amira Muhammad Majed Al-Rubaian and the Names Crisis in "Darb El-Raml"

Lebanese Rita Harb is ahead of Bahraini, Amira Muhammad

Dubai, Abu Dhabi: - The Saudi director, Majid Al-Rubaian, is in crisis because of the names race in the series "Darb El-Raml", where The Bahraini actress, Amira Mohamed, accused him of confiscating her literary right.

Amira Mohamed announced her displeasure with the appearance of her name after the name of the Lebanese artist, Rita Harb, where she said that the name of an artist who has no artistic balance other than one dramatic work.

Amira Muhammad said through her account in Snapchat: “I always leave in my work matters of titers and names for the director because of my confidence in him with his great knowledge of the artist’s history, and this thing greatly affects the artist.”

"Mohamed" added that her artistic experience during 25 years exceeded 80 series and more than 100 theatrical works, stressing that this does not allow the director to put the name of a novice artist before her name.

She added, “This is injustice, and it is important that there be fairness to the literary right of the actor,” pointing out that she is not satisfied with the series “Darb El-Raml” and the series “Kisra Zuhr”.

Amira Muhammad embodies the role of "Munira", a woman from Al-Qassim who fights for her life and her children, is exposed to many crises with her husband, and his role embodies the artist, "Khaled Abdul Rahman."

While the Lebanese actress Rita Harb participated in the role of the second wife of the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman, who represents the role of Shawky.


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