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Lebanon - Nigeria - Japan - Chile guests of Carthage Film Festival 2019 Lebanon - Nigeria - Japan - Chile guests of Carthage Film Festival 2019

Lebanon - Nigeria - Japan - Chile guests of Carthage Film Festival 2019

Tunis, After the great success of inviting South Asian and American cinemas as special guests, in the last two sessions, alongside African and Arab countries, the Carthage Film Festival 2019 continues this fruitful experience.

For this session, we will be welcoming: Nigeria on behalf of Africa, Lebanon on behalf of the Arab region and Japan on behalf of Asia and Chile on behalf of Latin America.

Through this initiative, Carthage Film Festival tightens its African and Arab roots while remaining open to the world new cinemas.

In this respect, Nejib Ayed, the Director of the Carthage Film Festival 2019, insisted during the JCC press conference, held in the 72nd edition of Cannes Film Festival, on the richness and excellence of the films and cinematic background of the countries selected in the Focus section.

FOCUS Lebanon:

The Lebanese cinema which will be part of this year’s FOCUS section, is one of the oldest Arab cinema. Indeed, Beirut has been initiated to the seventh art since its silent periods.

In Nejib AYED session, Lebanon will be part of the FOCUS section with 16 films (10 feature films and 6 short films), including: “Good Morning” by Bahij Hojeij, “In the shadows of the City” by Jean Chamoun, “Little Wars” by Maroun Baghdadi and "Caramel" by Nadine Labaki.

The opening of this section will be presented as an exhibition of vintage film posters compiled by the artist Abboudi Abu Jawdeh and the opening film will be "Waves '98" by Elie Dagher (starting at 06:00pm).

FOCUS Nigeria:

For this special session of the 2019 Carthage Film Festival dedicated to Nejib AYED, our FOCUS African guest will be "Nollywood" or as simply called Nigerian cinema.

This extraordinary experience was able, through its artistic contents about the reality of the continent and its issues, to make a remarkable cinematic movement.

Thanks to all these efforts, Nigeria was ranked second internationally in film production after Bollywood.

From Nigeria, the Festival has selected nine films, including ‘Green White Green’ by the director and screenwriter Abba T. Makama, "Ezra" by Newton I.

Adwaka, previously member of the 2014 Carthage Film Festival’s Jury and "October 1" by Kunle Afolayan, winner of three awards at the 2014 Africa International Film Festival, including the awards for "Best Feature Film", "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actor".

The Nigerian thriller “The Delivery Boy” written and directed by Adekunle Adejuyigbe will be screened as well. The opening film will be “Mokalik” which is the latest work of Kunle Afolayan.

As for the guests, this session of the Festival will welcome the bright young Nigerian filmmaker C. J. Obasi, director of both “Hello, Rain” (short film) and “Ojuju” (feature film).

The team of the Nigerian closing film (director, producer and main characters) will also be present during the festival.

FOCUS Chile:

It is impossible to talk about Latin American cinema and watch its films without the Chilean experience being at the forefront of the choices of film lovers seeking a varied and alternative seventh art.

The Carthage Film Festival 2019 (Nejib Ayed session) has selected 6 Chilean films reflecting the deep mobility of filmmakers and cinema leaders across generations.

Within the FOCUS section dedicated to Chile, we can find: "El Mocito" by Marcela Said, a feature-length documentary produced in 2012, winner of the Horizon Award for Best Documentary at the International Documentary Film Festival Munich, “Dawson isla 10” by Miguel Littin, the Chilean filmmaker of Palestinian origin, and “Miroirs de Tunis” by the great Chilean director Raul Ruiz whi


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