MAD Solutions Sends Four Films to Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival

November 07, 2020
Bethlehem| One Month Old Devil| Idris| Mafkoud Bethlehem| One Month Old Devil| Idris| Mafkoud Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Vision Egypt News: Four films by MAD Solutions will take part at the 36th edition of the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival (November 7-12).

The MAD films include two films by director Bachir Abou Zeid; namely: the feature film Mafkoud and short film Idris that will have their world premiere at the festival, as well as One Month Old Devil by Ghassan ElKhouja, and Bethlehem by Ibrahim Handal, marking its Egyptian premiere.

Founded in 1979 by the Egyptian Film Writers and Critics Association, Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival is a long-standing film event held every year in Alexandria.

The festival is currently presided by film critic Amir Abaza, and co-sponsored by Egypt’s Ministry of Culture and the Alexandria governorate.

About Mafkoud:

Years after his abduction, missing Sari still remembers small details from the moment he last saw his mother, specifically, her eyes and her words asking him to never look back.

Now, jailed for the murder of his friend, Sari pleads his innocence to set off and continue the search for his mother.

However, he lacks the evidence that proves he did not commit the crime.

Behind these walls, Sari’s encounter will put him on a journey to his past, delving into his deepest memories, and revealing his true identity.

Directed and written by Bachir Abou Zeid, Mafkoud film stars Ayman Ghali, Natacha Choufani, Julian Farhat and Layal Badaro. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.

About One Month Old Devil:

Inspired by the late Dutch player, Johan Cruyff’s saying: “Football is like life! You are required to see, think, contemplate and move.”, the former international player in the World Cup qualifiers 1994, Fawzi Yammime, tells the story of his football life through a series of flashbacks highlighting old world cup memories.

Fawzi Yammime is also a writer, a university professor and a researcher in football philosophy. Directed and written by Ghassan ElKhouja, the One Month Old Devil short documentary’s distribution across the Arab world is handled by MAD Solutions.

About Idris:

Upon his return home, a young shepherd, Idris, discovers that one of his sheep is missing.

Fearful of punishment, he sets off with his friend in an attempt to find the whereabouts of it.

Danger escalates when they find themselves trapped in a forest full of landmines.

Directed and written by Bachir Abou Zeid, Idris film stars Fouad Salame and Karim Maanaki and is co-produced by Beirut Film Institute and Al-Manar High Institute‏.

MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.

About Bethlehem:

A young Palestinian wander between his current reflections and his childhood memories of the military invasion and siege of Bethlehem. He tries to understand how his parents could lead him through those difficult times, hoping that would help him cope with the present time.

Written and directed by Ibrahim Handal, the film stars Muhammad Mughrabi, Yousef AbuShkhaidem, Hind AbuShkhaidem, Tarek Abusalameh and Karam Al-Salaymeh. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.

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