Nisreen Al Radi marries a minor, and Saudi Arabia stops the series "Halal Victims"

December 31, 2020
 The Saudi series “Halal Victims” on the “Watch VIP” platform The Saudi series “Halal Victims” on the “Watch VIP” platform

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Public Authority for Audiovisual Media in Saudi Arabia decided to stop the series "Halal Victims" because of scenes by Moroccan artist Nasreen Al Radi.

The authority affiliated with the Ministry of Information in Saudi Arabia said, through a statement, published on the “Twitter” website, that it “contacted the producer of the series“ Victims of Halal ”and the channel’s officials to stop broadcasting the series, remove all advertisements for it on all social media sites, and apply the legal procedures on The producer, and the channel that broadcast it.

The authority confirmed that it had seen the content of the series, which is broadcast through the encrypted "witness" application, and it was found that the series was not approved by the authority, and that the media content controls were not observed, which is a violation of the audiovisual media system and its executive regulations.

The suspension decision was based on the role played by the Moroccan artist Nasreen Al Radi, which is a cycle of a woman who is married to a teenager, whose age does not exceed 15 years in the manner of misyar marriage.

And the scenes of the series created controversy among Saudi society, according to the opinion of the critics.

The Saudis considered that the series "invades the thought of children" by portraying a child for scenes with a woman, considering that this is not allowed.

The series “Halal Victims” sheds light on social issues, and its events revolve around 5 girls from different backgrounds and social classes. On their terms, and after deluding them that the goal is to protect them, they find themselves turned into victims.

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