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Required to stop the program Vivi Abdo and Ramiz Jalal The irony of the time and minorities

Required to stop the program Vivi Abdo and Ramiz Jalal

Egyptian News Vision: - The National Council for Women in Egypt announced that it had lodged a formal complaint with the Complaints Committee of the Supreme Council for the Regulation of Information against the programs "# Ramiz Majnoun rasmi" and "# Khalli Balak men Fifi", which are currently being shown on MBC Egypt.

The statement emphasized that the Media Monitoring Committee of the Council has monitored many violations of these two programs.

The presenter of the "Ramez Majnoon Official" program relies on insulting guests and bullying them in a rude manner, as well as major abuse of female guests and underestimating them.

As for the program, "Keep in mind who feats", mocks epilepsy patients and mocks the brown skinned people in contravention of the values ​​and morals of society, in addition to their lack of artistic and moral value.

The President of the National Council for Women emphasized the seriousness of these programs, as they greatly affect the behavior of young people and give him many negative values, including violence, cruelty, enjoyment of torture of others, bullying and ridicule of the disease.

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation called for taking the necessary legal measures to stop broadcasting these abusive programs.

It is worth noting that the Monitoring Committee for Dramatic and Programmatic Works of the National Council for Women, affiliated with the Information Committee, works to monitor and monitor the image of women in drama, programs and advertisements that are broadcast during the month of Ramadan 2020.

Monitoring relies on the media code issued by the Information Committee of the Council 2018 and approved by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, as a media standard for dealing with the image of women in the media, and the committee sends all violations to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation.


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