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The Music and Symphonic Groups Pole The Music and Symphonic Groups Pole

The Music and Symphonic Groups Pole

The Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra and the Choir of the Opera of Tunis

"Une nuit à la cour" Baroque music concert

Conducted by: Mathieu Braud

Soloist: Luis André Bicalho

Tunis, In presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine Minister of Cultural Affairs and M. Mohamed Ennaceur Former President of the Republic by Acting and Ex-President of the ARP, the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra and the Choir of the Opera of Tunis of the Music and Symphonic Groups Pole of the Opera Theater presented on Sunday November 17, 2019 a concert of baroque music entitled: "Une nuit à la cour" conducted by the talented Mathieu Braud with the participation of flutist Luis André Bicalho.

This concert, which took place in the presence of a very large number of music lovers, was an opportunity to rediscover the virtuosity of the musicians and the choristers of the two orchestral formations of the Opera Theater which amazes again the audience of the City.

"Let's spend an afternoon together with European baroque music! We moved from England through France, Italy and Germany .

For the opening, the Te Deum of Charpentier with Nicolas Baronnier's trumpet on the first balcony, Then Danse des Sauvages of Rameau with a choir and a talented orchestra.

We continued the adventure with Bach's famous and moving Aria. It was time for the chorus to return to the deep and difficult Kyrie of the German cantor.

Triumph and virtuosity with the arrival of Haendel's Queen of Sheba to the two soloists: Luis André Bicalho and Lorenzo Fattorini. Back with the depth of spirituality with Cantate Bwv 12. Dance to continue this beautiful afternoon with Lully.

A little cold with the choir of the tremblers extracted from the opera of Isis written by the composer at the court of Louis XIV.

For this prestigious concert, the Italian master Antonio Vivaldi, with his famous and virtuoso Concerto for recorder and orchestra, was missing. We ended the concert with joy by Handel's famous Hallelujah."

It was in these terms that the conductor Mathieu Braud presented this evening charged with deep emotions and amazingly performed by an orchestra of 56 musicians and singers. A pure delight.


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