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Tunisian, Mehdi Dahabi in the controversial series Messiah

personified the figure of Christ for the first time at the age of three personified the figure of Christ for the first time at the age of three

What would happen if Christ appeared on earth today? Will it unite the masses, or cause massive chaos all over the world? ”

A question posed by the series "Messiah" on "Netflix", which embodies the appearance of Christ on the earth during the current time.

The series “Messih” starring the Belgian artist, of Tunisian origin, was born on December 5, 1985 in the Belgian city of Liege.

He was interested in all kinds of arts since his childhood, as he participated in theatrical performances during the Catholic school • personified the figure of Christ for the first time at the age of three in school, and his first role at the age of sixteen in the movie "Le Soleil Assassin" starring Charles Berling Mehdi El-Dahabi studied at the Conservatory of Brussels before accepting exams at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Paris.

Controversy and demands to prevent the offer:

- The Wall Street newspaper described the series as a "scandal" for several reasons, including:

- The personality of Christ urges "international anger by leading 2000 Syrians of Palestinian origin to the borders of the West Bank."

- The most prominent Israeli figure in the series is Mu'thab.

The Royal Film Commission - Jordan, also called on Netflix to refrain from broadcasting the series in the country because of what it said was an "anti-Muslim image."

"Newsweek" pointed out that Arabic speakers saw that the name of the main character may spoil the plot of the novel, because they believe that Messiah may be a reference to the Antichrist, who Muslims believe is a man who appears at the end of time, has a lot of capabilities and works miracles, but perishing The fate of those who follow him.

The series features the fleeing artist from Egypt, Khaled Abu Al-Naja, where he appears in two silent scenes in the tenth and final episode, where the personality of Christ saved him from death, and he kissed his hand.

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