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Will Smith blesses his wife's relationship with Auguste Elsina Hollywood scandal: Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of American actor Will Smith in partnership with Auguste Anthony Elsina

Will Smith blesses his wife's relationship with Auguste Elsina

Egyptian News Vision: Jada Pinkett-Smith, wife of international American actor Will Smith, denied the statements of young American singer Auguste Anthony Elsina and stressed that it was incorrect.

Elsina, 27, had confessed that he had sexual relations with Jada Pinkett Smith, 49, for years with the approval and blessing of her husband Will Smith.

Auguste Elsena said in statements to the British newspaper "Daily Mail" that he loves Jada Smith, and that he is lucky with them, and pointed out that it is difficult for people to understand these bold statements, but once his life began to be affected by that relationship, he is entitled to speak, as he put it.

He continued: "I sat with Will, and I told him that their marriage is just a partnership and does not involve love and romance and that I love his wife, and he gave me his blessings."

He added: "I have given our relationship many years of my life, I love her so much and dedicate myself to her to the point that if I die now I will be fine, and since I first saw her I knew that I should be with her."

Jada met Augusta five years ago after her son Jaden introduced them to each other, and the media spotted a photo of them at the BET Awards three years ago.

“Will” married actress “Jada Pinkett” in 1997, and they had a son and daughter, Jayden Christopher (21 years old), who appeared with his father in the movie “Looking for Happiness”, and “Willow Camille Rehn” (19 years old). ), Which appeared in the movie "I Am Legend."


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