Thursday, 04 June 2020

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Egyptian News Vision // Nora Ismail, the wife of the Egyptian player Ahmed Fathi, said that she and her two daughters were infected with the Coronavirus, although the family has been residing in the Ain Sukhna area since the beginning of the health embargo.

Egyptian News Vision // Bollywood stars have woken up to the death of one of the most prominent dance composers, after being struck by the Corona virus, and this is the first death in a pandemic-related Bollywood after the passing away of Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor in April 2020.

Egyptian newspaper vision // Nadine Gonsalvin, mother of the 52-year-old Brazilian star, Neymar, has returned to her young lover, Thiago Ramos, who is about 29 years younger than her and five years younger than her son.

Egyptian News Vision // The Egyptian artist, Hassan Hosni, died at the age of 88, after a sudden heart attack in a hospital in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The artist Hassan Hosni participated in many TV and cinematic works during his artistic career.

Without justification, the Egyptian media, Asala Kamel, photographed herself in underwear, and published it on the International Photo Exchange website, Instagram, and then quickly deleted it, apologized for it and said that the photo was published by mistake, according to her saying.

Arab News Vision // Reem Abdullah, the Saudi artist, took refuge in the international photo exchange site, Instagram, and did not talk about her arrest on charges of money laundering.


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