On the health of the Egyptian artist, Khaled El-Nabawy, and his heart attack that necessitated an urgent catheterization in the heart, his attending physician went out to refute the rumor of his death, stressing that he might need surgical intervention in the anterior descending coronary artery by the stent or surgically.

Kingdom of Morocco - Marrakesh: - The court of first instance summoned the Moroccan artist, Saida Sharaf, as part of an investigation into the case in which Al-Fana Dunia Butma and her sister, Ibtisam, are known, known as the "Hamza Moon Bibi" case.

The Saudi embassy in Washington was refuted, as the kingdom was behind the phone piracy of American billionaire founder Jeff Bezos.

Morocco, West, sunset:- The case of "Hamza Moon Bibi", which is the gang of blackmail, defamation and threats, and the artist, Donia Butma and her sister, Ibtisam, were accused of evolving into a public opinion issue.

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