Monday, 21 September 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - Canadian actor Seth Rogen said that he had heard "many lies" about Israel and that his Jewish surroundings had never told him that Palestinians had lived in lands on which Israel was founded.

Egyptian News Vision: - Moroccan artist Dounia Butma faces an eight-month prison sentence after her conviction for "spreading false facts with the intent to compromising the private life of people to defame them, participating in it and threatening them."

Egyptian News Vision: - The Kuwaiti authorities issued a decision banning 10 celebrities from traveling and withholding their money, after their bank balances swelled, and the Ministry of Interior circulated their names to the land and air outlets.

Egyptian News Vision: - Kuwaiti fashionista, Rowan bin Hussein, justified her exposure to the privacy of her life with her husband, Libyan businessman, Youssef Al-Maqrif, after being criticized by her followers.

Egyptian News Vision: - Carson, California, is hosting an important sporting encounter, with the boxing match between the two legends, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr.

Egyptian News Vision: - The prosecution office in Egypt decided to imprison Mohamed Waziri, the former director of works of the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, for four days pending the investigation, after he was accused of fraud, theft, and seizing her money.

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