Vision Egypt News: - The Egyptian artist, Samir Sabry, revealed that he had met the Israeli, Assaf Yaghuri, who was captured during the October 1973 War between Egypt and Israel.

Vision Egypt News: - The Lebanese performing artist, Myriam Klink, has renounced her nationality and announced that she only holds Serbian citizenship.

Vision Egypt News: - The Kuwaiti Court of Appeal sentenced the artist, Khaled Al-Mulla, to two years in prison for "insulting the judiciary."

Vision Egypt News: - American poet Lewis Gluck won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2020, as a reward for "her distinctive poetic voice that, with its abstract beauty, gives a universal character to individual existence," according to the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Vision Egypt News: - The appearance of the Egyptian actress who retired, Jihan Nasr, was a surprise to her fans. Then it was a shock when she retired from art in 1998, while she was at the height of fame, when she married the Saudi billionaire, Saud Al Sharbatli.

Vision Egypt News: - The Emirati singer, Ahlam, volunteered to be among those undergoing an experimental anti-virus vaccine test for the emerging corona virus, which is being developed by the UAE Ministry of Health.

Vision Egypt News: - The Saudi blogger and the "Snapchat" star, Al-Anoud Al-Issa is still exploiting the interest of her followers to stir up controversy, and a bold appearance that some described as shamelessly.

Vision Egypt News: - Jana Amr Diab called her Instagram followers to her bedroom and presented them with a gift that everyone loved.

Vision Egypt News: - After the characteristic of jinx that was haunted by the Emirati artist, Hussein Al Jasmi, the trait of shame came that made him a trend of social networking sites, while he did not sin.

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